Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm a sissy after all

I thought this challenge I set myself would be terribly hard to get done in the available time. Was I wrong!

Day Three and we have.....

I'm nearly finished! What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking I had a board meeting Monday for 4 hours and a long errand to run, and a desert to make and a migraine to avoid. I also had huge pan of gingerbread to bake for the reading of our play Wednesday evening. We were both too tired for our Sunday night ballroom dancing, the board meeting was canceled and the long errand taken on by someone else. We also had a snow date this Wednesday

That meant over 8 hours of unexpected knitting time. I used two.

The week coming has even more packed in, so my estimated amount of time to knit was about 10 hours over two weeks.

This pattern has all these “knit in the front of the next loop and then knit in the back of the same loop” instructions and I found the reading of the pattern to be a challenge. I have ripped back so much, the item should be double it's size. I entirely under estimated the time it would take to do this vs the time I had to knit it. It turns out I have chosen a sissy pants item to knit. I had to be honest with myself and not find ways to drag out the knitting. The question is “If I cast off before the torch goes out, will I have failed or succeeded?”

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