Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spinning for Finn

Rachia, my great sister, who is so great yetI can't find a recent picture of her anywhere, (just saying Rachia) is joining a fundraising event to raise money for Cancer. She worked with a couple who's nephew Finn, eventually died of a rare cancer, Rhabdomyosarcoma , at the age of 3.

I've tried to include the site for the BC Cancer foundation but can't tell in the preview if it is linked. If not, the site is www.conquercancer.ca/site/TR/Events/Vancouver2010

This gang of cyclists have gathered a team together to ride in June from Vancouver to Seattle, getting sponsored along the way with a goal of $403,000 ($82,000 is pledged). I am not sure how many kilometres Rachia rides daily back and forth to work, but I am pretty sure it isn't the 260 km that the ride will take. They will stay overnight somewhere along the way and then family will pick up riders and drag them home.

This is so cool! Rachia has two kids, both under the age of teenagers, and they take up tons of time. She works in a busy law-office and you've seen the movies. She has to fight her way past three secretaries and two partners to get out the door to go home. Rachia has a dog I have never met, but she needs a walk of about 100km a day, just to think about being tired. Then there all the things like cooking, cleaning, dressing herself, remembering everyone's lives so they have the things they need on time and in an orderly fashion so that their days can go smoothly. Sound familiar, O others with young folks? Yup it does. And here she is, going off madly for 260 km to help someone else. The healing mother syndrome? A need to get away from hubby, kids and dog? A need to help generally? It all sounds familiar. In Rachia's case, it is energizing. Rachia has a goal of $2500 to donate, along with her time and legs.

I haven't a hope of doing such a thing. My knees are made of Jello and after years and years of getting them to heal up I tried jogging for (get this) 100 m as a part of my aerobic morning walk, with an eensy weensy goal of being able to work up to jogging a 5 km walk for cancer and blam. Jello returned and I had to stop walking for nearly 3 months until it sorted itself out again. So no athletics for me.

Instead, I have offered to spin 260 m of fleece that Rachia can offer as a raffle prize to her knitting friends as a way to achieve her goal. This is 110 metres so far. Rachia will spin her tires Vancouver to Seattle, I will spin my wheel in Halifax and together, we'll try to do something positive.

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