Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring in Halifax and unrelated events

For those of you not living in Halifax, here are a couple of images. For those of you living in Halifax, don't forget to look around you, there's plenty to see.

This is what the first day of March looked like.

Here we are 7 days later on.

Here is a squirrel enjoying the nuts in the bird feed. This is a bird feeder that costs a million dollars and is allegedly a squirrel barrier. Hmmm.

For fun, Steve and I were invited to the CTV skybox to watch the Tim Horton Curling event.

For those of you who don't put two and two together, as I often forget to do, a sky box is in the sky as in way up in the sky. Not on the floor. Suspended in a fragile like manner above things. I nearly died. I can't stand at the top of the stairs without feeling sick. So, like a good friend, I tried to swallow it and put myself beside the fridge and helped to hand out beer and popcorn.

We went along with 3 friends

and this is where I learned that curling is a lot like shuffleboard, except you get to keep your clothes on. What! You mean you never played strip shuffleboard? I think it is more fun that watching curling and I can't imagine strip curling, what with all that ice but you never know what might happen on the Prairies where I think this game was invented.

I took my knitting and convinced Jay to try a few stitches. We had fun, I learned a lot of the rules and language and then, the game was over. So soon?

And here is the piece de resistance. Steve playing his banjo at the end of term “No Talent” show for the College of Sustainability. He is singing to the tune of “Clementine” but we re-wrote the lyrics to reflect some events he had during the year. I killed myself laughing but apparently the students were a little mystified since a lot of it referred to internal events. Next year, we will have to relate to the student's experiences more closely. I have heard from a little birdy that next year the students want the orientation t-shirts to say, "Somewhere there is an apple having sex right now!"

If that doesn't sum up spring, what does?

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