Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Hiatus is Over

I've been silent but I haven't been idle. We've been roaring around since the middle of May and it is just now beginning to look like a usual sort of schedule or as normal as it ever gets.

We traveled to Pictou area, Nova Scotia to see the nearly finished cottage that Steve has designed for Cheryl and Scott Theriault. We all agree, it is fabulous. We are headed up there again in mid-July, so there will be photos with all of Cheryl's charming decor in place. The interior light is tremendous!

Steve and I went to Lucas' graduation from St. Mary's University, Math and Computer Science combined and it was a great ceremony.

The ceremonies begin when the fellow with the hat lays the mace down. I wish I had one of those for the neighbourhood boys when they act up.

Lucas had a handsome pair of multi coloured runners on and was a fashion statement. Initially we groaned a little but as the others crossed the stage we realized he had chosen well compared to many others.

Except for Natasha, Lucas's wonderful girlfriend who had the most uber shoes of everyone.

We are so very proud of Lucas Stuart Mannell. He achieved a great deal more than we thought might happen back when he was 16, a typical grunting male teen and I was a fatigued pre-menopausal mom. I feared he would move into the basement (except it didn't meet his standards) Since those darkish days, he has accomplished a double major, his grades are great, he has the respect of his professors, and he has presented two excellent papers at two conferences. He was on the varsity Computer Programing team for 3 years, helping St. Mary's place just behind MIT (that is like saying St. Mary's Computer team has placed silver at the Brain-iac's Olympics) He has paid most of his way through school, with some help when that evil learning curve took a few unexpected turns. That happened to both Steve and I at that age so it was no surprise that Lucas had a few moments of financial panic. As the years have passed, Lucas has learned how to manage life's curve balls with growing grace and intelligence. It took Lucas an extra year to complete his degree and that was because he chose to homeschool in his teens. He knew being at home for most of highschool would have consequences and he didn't freak out when it came to pass. Lucas has been living away from home for a little over two years now and is managing all those challenges as well.

An unexpected twist that can only happen in the hallways of Academia happened and Lucas found himself without not one job, but two! Since then he has found a great summer job working as technical supporter for a non-profit organization that supports other non-profit organizations. One job interview...hired. It is shaping up to be a good summer for him!

A few days later, Steve and I scurried off to Lunnenburg where we were to co-organizers of a 50 person conference for those dear people who study the history of architecture in Canada. I didn't take any pictures, can you believe it? There were a few that deserved taking too. The weather was great, the people fun, the Fisheries Museum folks terrific and the different local supporters were fabulous. There was a walking tour, a tour of St. John's church and tons of food. The lobsters were very popular (to eat, not socialize with)

Just before the conference, my dear friend Jane died.You see her here (in the glasses) showing Alex how to do tricky things on a sewing machine last fall. We were able to see Jane in her last days and she was happy, her family was home and she was thrilled to see us. I ache when I think of her.
To Jane!

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