Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 25th, 2010 -One Year Anniversary

I didn't think I could do this but I have. An entire year of blogging.

Paying attention to my life; writing coherently several times a month on topics hopefully related to urban farming, related matters and some family events. In the past year I have had a few followers join up – thank you - you great people; I've been quoted on Chinese blog site on the dying with Forsythia; and I have had a few comments from people who liked some of my entries – thank you - you other wonderful people.

It has been a great experiment and ... I'm not out of things to say. Some of you might be out of energy to read it but don't tell me, I'm enjoying myself too much.

The urban farming theme has been a bit weak, I admit. On the other hand, there have been discussions on local food, domestic practices like spinning and dying, and links to some neat things. I hope some of you have been challenged to try a few or to think differently. It would be very great if you emailed me with topics you'd like explored or challenges I should try myself. Maybe I've been inconsistent on something and I need to tighten my philosophy or maybe we haven't gone far enough in our local/urban green lifestyle. Give me some things to work with!

Upcoming I have planned some more dying reports with ferns and rue; some local guerrilla gardening in town, an exploration on the idea of radical housekeeping, some more Urban Farming issues and some discussion around Carbon footprint. I'll keep posting family things, textile related experiences and sustainability issues as I encounter them at the College.

This month past the Halifax Farmer's Market changed location. Rather it split itself in two and some vendors are at the new place and about 70 vendors remained in the old location. The people we buy from have all moved to the new location. Steve and I decided to avoid the opening scrum and gossip has it that the place was packed, the vendors ran out of goods, and the parking was terrible.

In August we often stop at Bob and the Boys on highway 103, just past exit 14 if you are heading towards Yarmouth. Chris, who runs Bob and the Boys goes to the Valley and brings back rare treats. All within the magical 100 mile radius. We had local Valley peaches this weekend at the camp as well as raspberries and a late crop of strawberries. We will have bought green beans and peppers to freeze for the winter and a few bags of late peas for cooking with. The early corn is very good and the ice cream cones are pretty yummy also. We usually pop hurriedly into the Halifax market and stock pile on beef and eggs. Some of the vendors are selling to stores so we can Foxhill yogurt and cheese and Julien's baked goods elsewhere. There is another local chicken farmer and if we looked harder we could probably get eggs. Although we don't shop at the Market this month, we still keep the food local.

Except for the chips. Summer, local beer and ... chips. Sorry, can't do without them if the summer is to be fully appreciated.

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