Thursday, September 16, 2010

September hit me over the head

I was so excited to see September arrive and it has been mayhem, mostly of the good kind.

Bought new runners so we could kick ourselves in the rump while we do our early morning aerobic walking.

There was a heatwave. A heatwave for Nova Scotia that is.

Cleo Belle suffered and she has a very short coat. I chose the studio floor in my bathing suit. (cleverly did not take a self-photo so you'll have to use your imagination. Think spilled yogurt in a black one piece)

Went bra shopping with Phoebe and discovered that girls and women today have the option of buying bras that can add up to two cup sizes to their bosoms. Why? i ask myself. Being a woman of a certain girth this seems like a burden, to add to an already topheavy situation. Maybe slender females see this as a boon and a choice. But what happens when the bra comes off and explanations are required. Who's happy then!

Lucas and Natasha not only moved across the province (takes one hour by highway) they added a new member to their partnership.
Meet Snow. I call him Snowy because it seems more cat-ly. Snowy is a sweet cat, given to making himself comfortable inside bags of any size.

On the topic of bosoms, I went for my annual mammogram. If you don't get around to booking your next appointment when your results come in, ladies, it can add many weeks to your appointment. I was actually 4 months late for my annual "Squish the breasts to the size of a slice of meatloaf" event. Not good if you have concerns, so be quick, be on top of things, embrace the pain.

Due to a crazy and exciting weekend at a writer's workshop in August with Sheree Fitch as well as watching a fabulous and hilarious production of Treasure Island by the local Shakespeare by the Sea Troupe,
Cheryl and I have been inspired to do an aggressive re-write of "GingerBread!". We have a deadline for the end of October and plan to re-submit it and we just know it will be accepted. After a 6 month break from it, I am pretty sure it is funny and I loved working with it again, so it can't be that bad.

University started. Lucas, Natasha, Phoebe and Steve are all back at school. I am not taking any classes this year, I am getting focused on studio and writing projects.
The first day of the first year Sustainability course was jam packed, with over 350 students. Very positive first lecture.
And the dance later that night was a blast. We learned how to "Contra Dance" with a jug and washboard band of musicians and the cake was awesome and the kids had fun and the students had fun and it was great.

Gees, I forgot about Hurricane Earl. It's kind of scary when you forget about a hurricane. We hadn't any power for about 30 hours. We had a bunch of branches come down and do some damage to shrubs and hedges. A chimney for an old propane heater in the garage was wrenched away from the wall, so we need to remove that fully. We seem to be on the section of the grid that experiences power failures at the slightest breeze. They blame it on all the trees and weak branches but I think the power station needs an overhaul. It fritzes out regularly. We have almost no distress from power outages because we've done it so often we know the routine. I think the single biggest trick we've learned is to keep the underpants/towels laundry up to date always and the rest sorts itself out. At the island where the hurricane came in, we had almost no damage. The top of one tree snapped off and is now dangling over the roof of our gazebo. I'll report on that soon.

We built a woodshed for the second half of our firewood.
We have a cord of wood coming on Monday (oh, the upcoming pain) and decided a woodshed was easier on the eyes than a pile of wood. Cute isn't it?

And that brings us up to date. I had plans to be all thoughtful on the topic of Urban farming but I can't even find the resources, they are so far below all the accumulated debris of living intensely for two weeks. We are planning a quiet(er) weekend that involves washing the kitchen floor, freezing veggies for the winter, Steve sailing with Phoebe and me napping on shore, and going to the annual Show and Shine with the Volkswagon and looking marvelous.

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