Thursday, October 14, 2010

Latest Textile Adventures

The Sock That Isn't: this is the sock that has a cable running up one side of the foot, across the instep and a second cable running up the opposite side of the foot beginning at the heel. Sound complicated. Try knitting it. Not happening. Will need a two week long retreat at a semi-deserted location. Requires someone else to do the cooking and cleaning so I can concentrate. Any volunteers?

Booties for Happy Hands: These little darlings kept me sane in the months of August and September. I know the pattern by heart and could make one bootie in 2-3 hours. They are all made from donated balls of yarn, some of the balls about an inch in diameter. These little things will adorn the tootsies of babies who would otherwise be without foot wear. My mom organizes knitters from all over Toronto to knit and donate baby wear for mom's in deep poverty. Go Happy Hands!

Table Runner After a Weaving Disaster: Geeze, this took forever. Not to weave but to get started. First I made a goof at near the beginning that took forever to fix, then the tension had to be adjusted maybe 3 times possibly 4 if you count the last "kill the bastard" 6 inches. Somewhere in the middle of preparing to weave I realized that first) I had wanted a project 24 inches wide, second) I forgot this decision and wondered why it was so damn wide, third) cut a bunch of threads out, fourth) found my notes (and read them) and realized I shouldn't have cut those threads out, so what now? fifth) stalled for about a month, sixth) just thread the bloody threads and started weaving, seventh) it didn't take long to weave because eighth) somehow along the way the project shrank from a 72" long project to a 50" project. Instead of two tea towels as gifts for others, I now have a table runner. Happy Christmas to Me.

The Vest That Started It All: I wanted a vest that would go well with jeans. An indigo blue sort of colour. I read through all my knitting resources and well, I just couldn't find what I wanted. At the library I found a magazine for easy knitting which I ordinarily ignore. In one issue was a vest structure I liked. In another issue was a detail that I liked on a tank top too small for anyone in their right mind. So I blended the two and made this. It knit up quickly, it was a pleasure to knit and naturally, it doesn't fit. It looks beautiful on Phoebe who receives regular compliments on it. Lucky Phoebe.

The Blue Lace Vest: Since the above vest didn't fit, I needed a substitue. I just love designer Ilga Leja's designs. You can find her fabulous knitwear at
I have been admiring her work for about 5 years now. The only trouble is that she designs for a body type similar to her own slender reediness, and her model is a slight breeze while I am a voluptuous, boobs surging forward kind of gal. When I saw the "Antique Lace" pattern I thought that can work, there's room for a larger bust and the front hanging down bits can cover the tummy thrust. I purchased yarn and pattern. That was three years ago. I knit the first front side panel. Tough but I did it. I knit the back. Didn't look quite right but I moved along, thinking maybe when it is assembled it will become clear what is wrong. Knit the second front panel. Twice. Realized the problem with the back. Too wide, too short and some wild interpretation of the lace pattern resulting in a mish mash of holes and not holes. A mess really. Reknit the back. Still a problem but this time I stopped before going too far. Re-designed the back to suit my temperment which at this point was heading towards boiling.

If you can believe it, I have another sweater on the sticks, another Road Trip Shawl on the go, another one in the waiting line and a new pair of socks about to start. I have decided it isn't really the garment that inspires me to knit, it is the process of knitting that soothes me at the end of the day. My hands are moving rhythmically, the colour is going along in my hands, and I don't really want the challenge of lace or complicated patterns. I want something that will fit, look good on and give me the evening smoothing out that I very much need. I swear one day, when I have used up all my yarn, I will knit nothing but socks and booties.

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  1. Well, that took a lot of searching to discover (rediscover) how to post a comment. You have inspired me to go downstairs and knit the rest of my "scarf cum pillow cover". Thanks! Can't wait to see you model the vest. I have one of her books I think...