Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visual Harvest

(photo by Ron Thompson, google images)
"Good morning!" said the yellow shafted flicker, just before he flew away.
"Thanks for showing up." I said, and wrote down his date of appearance in the bird book.
Phwow, that's a nice start to anyone's day!

For more visual entertainment, I recommend Bloomingwriter at

Jody deLong is a Nova Scotian garden writer, reporter and blogger. Right now there is a lovely autumn harvest photo-essay on her blog with delightful images. Jodi's blog is one of only a few I like to visit from time to time.

Another kind of harvest took place in our local cemetery Sunday past. Every year Steve and I collect chestnuts. It started many years ago when I picked up a few chestnuts and put one in a pocket of each winter coat. Everyone could put their hand in a pocket and pull out a chestnut to rub and fondle and I found the movement helped to keep my hand warm. Then things accelerated into picking up enough chestnuts for cats to play with and then to a bowl full of chestnuts. Now Steve and I head out when the conkers start hitting the ground and there are a few favourite trees that usually produce good crops.
We only pick up a small handful from each tree, that way I feel the squirrels stand a chance of winter survival.

In with the new, out with the old, to the compost.

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