Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hot Flash Woman gets some details

all images drawn by Laureen van Lierop (several times)

The things I am learning! For instance, what seems a funny, pithy statement has to fit on a drawing that has two or more characters doing something, so there is a limit to information. There are choices to be made between what the characters can be doing and what the text can say. Placement of text is almost the first thing to decide and then every piece of the scene is drawn in pencil. Then I have to figure out what is behind something else, what is in front, what is hidden by the text bubble and once everything is drawn in marker and the pencil is erased, what was lost. Another cool thing to figure out is colour. So far, I am keeping it simple and only decided that Steamy's eyes will be green and his speech bubble will be blue. Everyone should draw a comic and see what it will teach them technically, it's a great way to freshen up the grey matter.

More to come. I haven't forgotten the sustainable aspect of this blog, but right now, I am having too much fun on this tangent to think about it. I suppose Hot Flash Woman could have had a sustainable agenda, but I just thought of it. Too late....maybe.

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