Saturday, January 1, 2011

Skating and boasting but not about skating

Boasting first, I've been waiting ages for this.

First up, a rag rug I wove for my mom. I tried to find colours that would suit her new paint job in her apartment. Her cupboards are oak-ish and the walls yellow. I showed it to a few weaving friends and upon discussing it, I realized I hadn't sent along a rubber underpad. Don't slip on it Mom. It would make a nice table topper if you think it's too dangerous.

Second, another Road Trip Shawl. I knit this one for Jamie. She chose a beautiful red with a hint of black/orange to it. I knit it up whenever I needed something to knit but not think about. Must have been a crazy fall, because it was finished much faster than I expected. It is a very fine mohair and when done, it is as light as a feather with no shedding. I love it and had a hard time passing it over. Thank you for the thank you Jamie!

Next up, a 15 sided something. It was fun to knit despite it's crazy shape. I ran out of yarn before the last two pokey outs were done, so had to improvise. Sit on it a few times Natasha, then no one can tell. Natasha is a brilliant mathy person and is going to Teachers Ed to teach youth Math. Not only is she smart and beautiful and mathy, she's brave too. Good luck.

Socks. I made these red and black socks for Steve, just your basic recipe. I gave them to him last winter because he needed another pair then stole them this fall and snuck them into his stocking at Christmas. It's hard to knit Christmas surprises for Steve, he seems to hang around a lot in the evenings.

Headaches? I heard somewhere or other that lavender is a good anti-headache remedy. I knit this up for Phoebe, filled it with fresh lavender and stuck it in my closet. I made it last January, and it has been filling my closet with scent for months. Hope it still has some spark left in it. Phoebe hasn't had any headaches since Christmas but her room mate Lindsay has and she says it helps. Thanks Lin.

More socks. I made this pair for Lucas but didn't add the toes in. Lucas is no longer the little guy I used to knit for. I knew he was taller and bigger than his dad but wasn't sure what happened to his feet once he moved out of the house. I'm knitting the toes now and he should have them in the mail shortly. Lucas was so keen to wear them that he packed them up after his visit with us and took them to PEI whereupon he didn't wear them. Good sport that he is, he returned them today and knitting commences.

Just to finish being a braggart, I also knit a pair of lovely yellow socks for my mom, in a thicker, softer yarn that shows cables off. They are more for warming tootsies while reading, not so much for walking in. I also knit up most of a lovely sweater but the second sleeve is still underway. Hopefully I can boast some more next week.

On to other things.... Vote with your blades.

Steve and I have been skating twice now at the Oval Rink on the Commons and we loved it. I didn't take my camera because I am chicken and worried about losing or breaking it, so you'll have to scurry down yourselves and see all the action.

We first went on December 27 in the afternoon. We were in the first flood of people to get on the ice. This was a new thing for us because we rarely join in floods of people doing anything. In that first hour, 241 people stepped onto the ice. Now the counters were a little disorganized and there wasn't a system to monitor people getting off and getting back on again, nor was there anyone counting at the far entrance gate. Still, that's quite a number! It was so cold that as the ice wore down from all the blades, it became chippy. The corner nearest the bandstand was a bit like skating through the ice of a soft drink. And the wind! And the cold! We manage to last 45 minutes, not bad for two old duffers who haven't skated for a year.

We went again on New Year's evening, around 7:00. We knew there wasn't a chance in anything that we would stay up till midnight, in the cold, skating. Uh-uh. By 7:00, people had been skating for sometime. The ice was much smoother, the wind low and the temperatures pretty nice. And, it was jam-packed. In one way, it wasn't so much fun because of the crowds and the little learners doing their thing where ever instead of to the far right side. I was a little nervous about running into one. Of course, there are always a few hotdoggers who like to careen about. I wasn't worried about running into one of those. I stuck my elbows up high when I heard their skates skritching near. Good thing I didn't have a hockey stick or I'd have been timed out for high-sticking. Still, we had fun. It is a real delight to have outdoor skating anywhere and it being close to home was delicious. Now to phone who ever is in charge and suggest they keep a rink going next year. And you phone too. Maybe between us all, we can get a rink that stays frozen every winter.

ps. I'm very disappointed with the new photo. It is just dull witted. It hurts to admit my garden looks dull witted, but there you are. I'll keep looking.

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