Monday, April 25, 2011

Butterfly Pavillion - Phoenix

The Butterfly Pavilion at the Desert Botanical Garden is unlike the two others I have been to. The structure is a large Quonset Hut shaped building, with plastic mesh netting in place. The air flows through uninterrupted and the butterflies are all types found in Arizona. This is not a breeding program, the butterflies come from a licensed facility elsewhere. Most butterflies live for only a week, so any migrating that happens, along with breeding is amazing. We sometimes see the Red Admiral here in Nova Scotia. I wonder if it migrated?

Zebra Longwing (heliconius charitonius) (I have a brochure to copy this information from, I'm not that clever)
Giant Swallowtail (papilio cresphontes)

I'm not sure what this beauty is called. A swallowtail for sure.

Julia (dryas iulia) (also called the chef's butterfly because of Julia Child, a most famous chef)

A Julia landed on my hat and lots of people took pictures. It was quaint.

Malachite (siproeta stelenes)

I think this is a white sulpher. She's not on my list of butterflies to expect at the pavilion but I think I overheard a guide call her that.

Luna Moth (about the size of a woman's hand and it will rest in this spot until nighttime when it starts whizzing around.

Another Julia, but she's on a purple succulent. Nice colour combo.

Queen (danaus gilippus) - a lovely chocolate brown.

Cloudless Giant Sulpher (phoebis sennae) (Hey! Phoebe!)

Caterpillus Steveus banjoleus

Monarchus Laureenus, the best-us.

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