Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Potato!

I managed to find several half hours this week to tend to the suffering garden.

I started at my back door and worked my way on the left side to the floating deck.

Then I returned to the centre where the potatoes are currently living. This new bed is meant to be for veggies, potatoes seemed a good choice and they are certainly good for breaking up soil. There is original soil, which may have heavy metal contaminants, but who knows. There is tons of leaf mold from before the maples were hit with black spot and there are three buckets full of worm debris. The robins last year had a blast scratching that around, eating up all those worms.

Weeding away I managed to scour the top of the earth and this teeny tiny beauty came up. I wasn't searching for a potato, only weeds.

Lucas and Natasha gave me about 6 purple and 6 red potato chits this spring, and none of us expected a huge haul. I haven't done any of the proper things for these plants. They aren't planted in a depression so I can mound up the earth, nor are they planted in a device that allows for earth mounding. No earth mounding will occur. My goal had been to break up the soil and if a crop resulted, then extra bonus. Given this little potato's arrival, I think there is a very local potato salad in our future.

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