Sunday, July 3, 2011

Local Diet - a new season

(We're back from Spain and I have tons to share but the computer is in a bit of a gasp trying to import the 850 photos from the camera. So I'll start with this today)

We stared at the freezer a few times this spring. We had bought several apple ciders to tide us over the summer. Going in and out of the freezer, one time it didn't shut fully and we had a leak and a cider container explosion. We had to clear out all the contents, give it a scrub and re-pack.

This led to a bit of honesty on both our parts. I really do not like the frozen asparagus, I find it a bit woody. Neither of us is thrilled with the frozen green or yellow beans but agree our own frozen beans beat the Green Giant any day. We were also bold enough to be truthful that the beans as a side dish on their own nearly suck. They are nice in a stew or salad, but as a stand alone dish, un uh.
I took a look on line at several pickling options, canning options and drying options. I have found a new pickling recipe for the asparagus and since they use green beans in the illustrations, I think I could get away with it for the beans as well. But then, reality sunk in. We were leaving in 3 days, no time to really attend to canning asparagus. So we switched gears and dried some herbs.

We set the de-hydrator up while doing the laundry and packing. Loveage (a celery replacement), marjoram (transplanted from Jane's garden) and golden oregano, all dried in about 24 hours. It was humid and we had to run the machine longer than expected. Decisions: forget asparagus until next spring; see if we can dry beans instead of freezing. Concentrate on strawberries when we get home. The preserving season has begun.

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