Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spain - a mountain day trip and Granada patterns

We spent a day in the mountains outside of Granada. It was good fun. We were on a bus along with 8 other adults, through a bus tour company. This company had done their research and developed a very nice day trip. However, I could tell it was conceived of by a man. Why? There were enough bathroom breaks to accommodate foreign bladders. That wasn't the clue.

No the clue was that we spent about 20 minutes in a lovely little hillside village...

There was enough time to go down the 63 steps and up the 63 steps to this rather cool waterfall. Each step was the height of two regular steps. We were so deep in the narrow gorge that this was all we could see overhead.

The water is filled with so much iron that the shores are rusty. In another spot, the water has that stuff in it that makes it fizzy. An iron-fizzy water drink. Veeeerrrryyyyy interesting.

The clue that a man designed the trip was the 40 minutes we spent watching a video on how to cure ham. Every step of the process. In a ham factory. In a town that does nothing else but ham. Then we had shopping time of an hour and a half to buy.... ham. I failed to take any pictures.

Below are some of the nicer photos of patterned objects we found along our travels in Granada.

Three moorish doors,
decorations on a huge gate door,
typical walkways!
Typical street squares.
Transition point between one street square down to the next one in the street below.
A fine overhanging of roof lines.
A tiled floor adjacent to a coarse rubble wall, entered from a very dark space.
A current Moorish doorway to a restaurant along the way to the apartment.
Next up, Barcelona.

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