Thursday, August 4, 2011

Local Diet - July's bounty

Peas, it usually starts with the peas. Four pounds yields about 4 to 5 x 1 cup servings. It's an easy task, just sit and talk and shell pea pods. Then scoop into snack sized freezer baggies and done.

We find that 10 baggies gets us through January to May nicely, since there are just the two of us and so much else in the freezer to tempt us.

Sometimes the strawberries happen before the peas, this year they were at the same time. Steve made up a triple batch this summer. Two for us, one for the kids to split. I think it made 13 jars. And despite that astonishing number of strawberries to clean and prepare, it took less than two hours.

We bought too many and decided to dry a few trays.

Steve likes the dried strawberries in scones, crumbles, and granola. I'm not a strawberry fan, but apparently, yum yum is the word.

Natasha and I made two batches of jelly yesterday. These are so sonically easy! On the left is Cider-Spice Jelly and on the right is Honey-Lemon Jelly. Natasha and I will share these with Phoebe. The honey-lemon jelly is more or less water, sugar, honey and lemon combined with pectin. It sounds like just the thing for flu season. The Cider-Spice just sounded right for winter nummies. It is even easier; cider, spices, water, sugar and pectin. We imagine it going on pork or warm bread, ice cream, scones, sauce over vegetables. Maybe I'm wishful thinking here. We'll see.

Blueberries are up now. We still have some frozen from last year, because we forgot the kids weren't around any longer and froze enough for gadzillions of pancakes and scones. Steve bought one box and made one batch of jam.
I used four cups of the blueberries and made Blueberry-Maple-Pecan Conserve. It sounds and looks so delicious. The magazine showed the conserve on a baked brie, which is decadent. I am imagining it for deserts and appetizers. I am hungry already.

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