Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Intentional Dots - three Plus Dashes

I've been working on dots all summer long,
while Steve has been working on dashes. Between the two of us, we've been exploring the notion of letting go of control a little more.

My dots have been happening on a spontaneous basis, each one an individual "happening". Do you remember the "Happenings" of the late '60's? I know this from my dance history, I was in diapers when it was going on. In New York City a choreographer, famous in his day,
had dancers performing without rehearsal on the steps of various public buildings. Another version with a different choreographer,
Twyla Tharp, was to figure out a dance and then have regular folks perform it, (think Drew Carrey's 1990's opening segment of his TV show).

My favourite was choreographer Merce Cunningham, whose dance was several segments of movements. He then called them A or B or C. Each dancer knew the individual segments but not how they followed each other.
The night of each performance, the choreographer shuffled a deck of cards, and gave each dancer a set of cards, ABD, BBB, or BDA and so forth.
The dancer knew they each had so much music time to dance to and off they charged.

A different dance each night, a different kind of dynamic, space use, intersection and layering. I think this idea has been with me in some fashion since I was 19 years old and it has certainly been a part of my dots this summer.

Steve's dashes have had a different kind of remove from control. He measured the garage's width, and the height we wanted the arbour. He cut the pieces, then painted them. Then, because he is such an ace measurer and one of those people who can always be trusted with a ruler, he put the arbour together and hung it up. He used his famous collection of levels and pencils to make sure the arbour will hang as straight as a Saskatchewan highway but somehow, he goofed. The arbour is a bit wider than he expected and ..... oh god it hurts to say it when he might hear it.... it hangs over the edges.... Yes, it is outside the lines. Here's the release moment. He didn't freak out. He didn't take it down and rebuild it. Now, I call that a successful moment of release. It looks just as terrific as if he planned to go outside the edges. Only he knows it happened.

Now you do also, and I am positive if you ever see our garage in person, you would say "Really good looking arbour Steve". I had certainly forgotten what the original plan was. The grape vine hangs off it just the same. And, the garage looks fabulous, darling, simply fabulous.

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