Monday, October 31, 2011

Yogi and Yogini Poll

A poll is also the top of the head of a horned kind of livestock. But it was suggested to me by my sister Rachia that the readers might like to vote on their favourite yogi or yogini. It sounds like fun. Here are my favourites - all from Google Images.

The frog that started it all. I saw this fellow in Pier One a year ago. It was tres expensive for plaster and gold paint. I passed on by and have regretted it ever since.

You can either comment back to me with your choice, or you can send me a google image of your choice by email. I'll have to figure out a prize for the most popular yogi/ini.

Did I mention that it needs to be an animal. I suppose you could vote for a flora yogi/ini as well if you can find one.

Dragonfly pose.

Lower back and hip opener.

Good old puppy.

Flora Sidebend.

Legs up. Good for reverse blood flow.

Karma yoga.

Monkey mind.

Legs up for advance yogis.

Reverse walrus.

Tree of Life, three levels of acheivement.

Cat's pose, what else?

Child's pose.
Oom shantai, shantai, shantai - peace, peace, peace. May the divine light shine in each and every one of us. Nameste.

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