Monday, November 21, 2011

Intentional Dots - four

It seemed like a good idea at the time, to sew a dot every day. To get all intentional and meditative and focused.


I have probably managed to sew a dot every 5 days if I average it out. There are 21 completed dots out of 47 potential dots for the white piece,

the green piece is finished,

and there are 36 appliqued dots for a third project. I haven't been idle but I haven't been dotting regularly either.

All the Christmas knitting is completed. Sorry, no photo until after Christmas.

I have begun my whale piece after a year's intermission.

Hot Flash Woman is undergoing an exciting development, mainly a web page of her own, but I'll keep you updated on that. I am also looking into getting her into a booklet format and seeing if I can market her somehow.

I have submitted a novel for young middle readers to the Writer's Federation of Nova Scotia. Keep your pencils crossed. I want to win. I'm putting it out there universe, I want to win!

The usual gardening and harvesting chores are over, the camp has been closed for the winter and the winter clothes are in the closets. On top of all that, there has been bailing in the basement after both those two wretched rain storms. It was all cozy and snuggly in the studio as the rain pelted down and I worked diligently on dots (dots and rain seem to go together) but it was a burbling mess in the basement.

Things are gearing up for the December season. The wooden shoes are coming out of the attic in a few days, the St. Nicholas day festivities are being planned

and on December 1st, I can play my collection of Christmas music without Phoebe flicking me in the ear. It's a good collection of music, from all over the world and in several languages and styles of music. What's her problem?

I spent an afternoon going through all my photos so we could chose the ones we like best for our family calendar. Here's one of my favourites but it won't be used because we prefer a horizontal format.

But the attention span to do these dots eludes me. I can't decide if it is a project that requires too much attention on one problem set that is not in my nature or if it is simply a bit of a bore in the first place.

I like each dot as an individual but as a group, the dots don't excite me too much. I have down- loaded some BBC books to listen to while I sew, but that only takes me so far into a dot. I've tried doing it in silence, being meditative and all that and end up in the bathroom plucking my eyebrows. I'm almost out of eyebrows. I've tried doing them (the dots, not my eyebrows) in the garden, in the living room, in front of the TV, and like Green Eggs and Ham, in a box, with a fox, while eating lox. They just don't make me wiggle with glee.

Once I get all the coloured ones sewn, then there is beading and that should be a bit more exciting because the beads like to fall off the table, the cat likes to swipe the lid of beads off the table, I drop the needle often and just generally, spend a lot of time under the table.

THEN... I get to sew all the back ground dots in several shades of white. I know...... @*#&$

What was I thinking?


  1. You should meet my sister-in-law and see her bag project...she'd love your dots!
    Good luck with the meditation (I find scratching lambs under the chin is helpful for that).

  2. Thanks heather jay, i bet lambs are just as fun as kittens. I will keep an eye out for either. I am sure your sister-in-law's bag is fun. I'll check out your blog for a view.