Monday, December 5, 2011

Intentional Dots - five and Random-ness

And the two winners of the yoga poses contest are the .....

Bear's legs up (Rachia) and,

Cat's reclining (Mom). Aren't family grand, they are the only two who voted, so they win and now..... I have to think of a prize. I did say I would give a prize, oops, I'm stuck. Chocolate?

I have continued to work on the dots. I am close to finishing the coloured dots and have been trying to figure out how to tackle the white dots now.

I have filled one in with chain stitch (on your right), but find it is too heavy. I have used French knots(on your left) (good thing we only have two sides) for the second one and find it nice but maybe too lovely. Think, Laureen, think.

We went on a walk at Uniack House at the beginning of November. It was a beautiful day, the sun was almost warm and if it wasn't for the trees without leaves, it would look like a summer day. We were there a few days after one of those huge rainfalls and the water was running very high through the creek and the lake levels were also high. And then....

...we had a snow storm. Many of you did as well. Early in the storm, I took a photo of the back yard, thinking ahead to next years calendar. We usually make one up for the family and the month of December often looks like November, making the snow was a nice treat. Yes the storm was in November, but I am planning on sneaking past that fact.

The next morning we woke up and this is what we found in the backyard. One third of the tree that I dislike was down. I like this tree in the spring for a few minutes when it is in flower and then it is like living with an ashtray full of unpeeled cigarettes all summer and fall. The leaves turn a brittle green, then a brittler brown. The bare branches have always needed a trim but I am too short be effective and the tree too weak to lean a ladder against. Now that one third is down, I will have to get serious about finding a replacement tree.

I finally finished the Owl and the Pussy Cat, who are of course, in their pea green boat. I don't know why I made these two characters, it was something that just had to happen.

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