Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Obsessions

Life is rarely slow around here unless it is the second or third day of pouring rain, everything is closed, we've caught up on all chores we are interested in doing and the book pile is getting low. And that's how it was just a few days ago but, luckily, Steve's Christmas present arrived in the mail (a few days late but we were expecting it to arrive in February). Steve did several happy dances and nearly killed himself doing them.

The box opened and lo and behold...Yup, all the ingredients for a gourd banjo. Steve skipped down to the basement,

and hauled up to the dining room all the tools he needed for putting his gourd banjo together.

This kept Captain Eccentric busy for the remainder of the holiday season and he is threatening my recorder group with coming to a session and accompanying us. The ladies are simply confused by this offer.

I, on the other hand, did something sensible and washed half the fleece I had purchased at the spinning retreat.

Icelandic fleece....

Corriedale fleece....

Even the soap and vinegar are local, so the whole darn thing means 100% local spinning.

To illustrate the essential difference between Steve and I, imagine us each in our seperate corners going about our business.

I am thinking, "What a crazy thing Steve is spending his time on."...

while he is thinking, "Isn't it nice that Laureen will have some neat fleece to spin in a few days." I'm Rome, he's Greece. I'm a black streak, he's a happy sky. It seems to work, we both had a really relaxing holiday.

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  1. It sounds lovely! And what better background music for spinning local wool than that played on a gourd banjo?