Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Intentional Dots- 7

The whites on the Intentional Dots piece are growing.

This weekend I went to a Fibre Retreat held at the Atlantica Hotel and Marina Oak Island (the old Oak Island Hotel). It really isn't a retreat in the seclusion, solitude kind of retreat, it is more of a free for all with over 100 women carrying on fit to make a half time at a foot ball game sound quiet.

I had advice about the Intentional Dots from several people, especially about the pending beads,

and we concluded that the bigger turquoise beads would hang off the background and be over-sized. They might make a good tassle-y fringe at the bottom but to try that at the end once the backing is sorted out. The smaller seed beads can be inserted into existing dots for some texture and contrast. No scattering of beads, it will look like freckles.

So onwards I trek.

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