Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spinning the Blues - the good kind

I was recently at the Maritime Fibre Arts Retreat at the Atlantica Oak Island Hotel with tons of women. We stopped into Have A Yarn for a sock yarn fix. Two for me, one for Steve.

During the weekend, I picked up an order I had placed with Bobbin Tree

I needed colour and couldn't resist the yellow orange combination. I am hoping a nice goldy colour comes out of it.

I just couldn't leave the blue-y-mauves alone, although they aren't really happy colours. They are more content colours.

I had been meaning to get the spinning wheel going for about 3 weeks before the retreat and seriously considered shoving it in the car along with two other women, three suitcases, food, wine and project boxes. I'm glad I didn't because I would have lost an eye sharing the back seat with the wheel. Once home, I pulled out the 4 ounces of lilac Blue Faced Liecester Top from Mountain Colors Inc. (American spelling so probably an American product)

On Thursday, I divided the roving into two parts and started spinning. I started just after lunch and kept going until I had to leave to meet Steve at 5:00. I finished off the last bit that evening. On Saturday I started the second half and managed to nearly spin through it all.

On Sunday, the last bit was spun and then I plied it all.

Cleo Belle thought she needed to help with the photos.

The resulting yarn is very nice. There is 130 metres, meaning a nice pair of mittens might happen next winter.

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