Monday, May 7, 2012

Daily Doodles two

As usual, my efforts usually wave a hand in the general direction of my goals. I almost managed to get a doodle done every day.

It is surprising to me just how soothing this activity has become. I started doing them at a deliberate time each day and on the days I didn't get one done, I was a bit restless.

As the days moseyed along, I began to do the doodles when I was stressed or when I was having trouble transitioning from one kind of a task to another.

I like this one a fair bit, even though it isn't very well done. I started with the dark rain dots and gradually filled in with the thinner raindrops. It reminds me of the what I was trying to do with my "detooR" piece, layering sheer fabrics on top of each other until there is a variety of transparencies.

I tried it again but this time with the shapes interlocked. I like the idea but not the shapes.

Then I was feeling a bit cranky and drew some sharp toothed creatures. This cheered me up a great deal and helped me to de-stress. What I am finding from the daily dots that it is a great stress releaser, soothing when I am feeling jagged and a fun way to explore ideas of composition. I've also burned out my 0.5 marker. Time to go shopping.

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