Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rooted - the show just hung

Here is the amazing map of Meredith's, the game plan to beat all game plans. With pre-planning like this, hanging a show becomes a cinch.

We are just tidying up. The labels and lighting haven't been done yet. I am not giving you the artist's names under each photo. Mostly because that is the sort of thing I always get wrong but it also means it gives you teaser. Go in and see who it is that you admire so much.

One of the Mary Black Gallery's several challenges are the huge windows. The glass isn't clear, so the artifacts are damaged by light, but that equally means the public can't see in too well.

Not only do we look at size for placement, we also look at colour palettes and in this case, a group with strong perimeter edges and some internal relationships.

A bit of a colour pop on one side of the center of the longest wall.....

to neutral colours with strong images to.....

some more colour pops. A touch of the abstract and a return to story. Then we turn the corner and.....

the back wall, full of story. Visually, we have missed the back corner and a group of 4 suspended from the ceiling, but the site lines for the camera were too cramped. The site lines for the viewer are good though.

The second back corner, again with some thematic content that relate to each other.

And we complete the circuit with a conclusion of graphic strength, one abstract in it's depiction of two poems and the other iconic.

This gives you the position of the 4 hanging pieces. Had the lighting been done, it would have been worth photographing but as you can see, this very bright, strong piece is lost in a shadow. By opening night, it was sublime. An accidental moment of interest is the relationship between the strong edges of the near by quilt and the soft, undulations of the abstract quilt in the background. Similar colour palette, no thematic relationship, but a fun juxtaposition.

And then there is the fabulous me. One thing I truly understand now is how difficult it is to photograph sheer textiles. The orange is a strong pumpkin colour, but here, it's more like colour of the bathtub mold you get after a while in the grout. Let's not discuss that further.

You can see back into the show. It gives you a sense of what I was trying to play with, transparency, layers and details.

The lighting on this was great, the camera was smiling and yet.... ook. The photo doesn't do the piece justice, background is a yummy dark brown. Another reason to trot on into the show and see what is really going on. I love it's position in the show, with the background buildings. It is just like the view I tried to capture, looking through the spring leaves of the linden tree outside my bedroom window.

The roundy bits are the flowers of the tree. The square bits are the leaves. A small hint of the bark. There is something interesting to see in each piece. Be sure to have a look.

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