Monday, May 14, 2012

Some Odds and Ends

For the fans of Hot Flash Woman, I have hit a wall on the self publishing piece. I have the web page up to read and for over a month, I have been too afraid to read it. What if it's too easy? What if it's too hard? What's the catch. I have promised myself I will read it tomorrow and GET GOING on getting this comic into circulation. Volume Two is nearly done and it's time!

The front piece of Intentional Dots is finished, as far as I'm concerned. I am working on a background piece, a pale blue with different white circles on it to lift this piece off the wall. This project will go in the 'brain dead' pile of work for the summer. I can pick it up and sew away, all decisions are made now, it is a matter of production. I like to have one or two of those on the go. Usually, it is socks. This makes a nice change.

"Hee, hee, hee, I have a banana in my pocket," said Steve one day when he came home for lunch. Yup, he had a banana in his pocket. It was about to go in the compost bin at work, and there wasn't a thing wrong with it. He knows I pine for bananas, since they are off the local food list. I am making a peanut butter (local producer) and honey (organic and local and cheap) sandwich with my rescued banana.

Every so often a very fine yarn comes through my hands. They are usually the end balls from other people's projects, given to me for the knitting I do for mom's Helping Hands outreach. I've been making these hexagons for a while now with the idea of making a doll's blanket. Yeah, I don't know what I need with a doll's blanket, but none the less, I'm making one. I now have enough that the shape of the blanket begins to appear.

This is the fleece that I spoiled myself with back at the Fibre Retreat at the end of May. I have been spinning on and off and couldn't stand another minute of Floozy. I needed some colour. For the last two weeks, I've been focused on this,

and made this. There are about 200 yards altogether. At the moment it is a single ply, with a bit too much twist in it. If I ply it, I'll get 100 yards of a two-ply, but then I haven't any idea what to knit with only 100 yards. If I leave it at 200 in singles, I have a cunning notion for a lace edge for a shawl. This goes into the fall/winter stash of things to do.

Last weekend, Steve rented a car and we hightailed it to the camp near Liverpool. On the Friday, we went to assess any winter damage, cut back any fallen trees and weep at any vandalism. What a treat when we realized none of that happened over the winter!

Instead, on Saturday we started work on the bunkhouse. Steve did some outdoors work on the upper windows while Phoebe and I painted the inside of the bunkhouse with primer. The bugs weren't too bad yet, so it wasn't a nightmare of trying to keep bugs out of our faces while slapping paint in the direction of the walls. Steve's photos are better than mine, I will show some next post with the new vinyl windows in the upper portion of the space.

A coat of semi gloss white will finish the walls. Pine floors with a cedar finish will be on the floors and sooner or later, we will clad the exterior with hemlock. Another work in progress.

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