Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Hands are still moving

The blog has been quiet this summer, Hot Flash Woman is suffering from multiple hot flashes and her entire family is cowering behind a tree. The humidity means that I have been doing my "English Lady of the Raj" routine and have been nearly comatose.

In spite of that, I have been working diligently on my ledger on-line course and now on an embroidery on-line course.

Looky here....
We did several styles of machine sewing on scrim, also known as fine cheese cloth or batiste. Pleats, circles, flowers, and a bunch of things that haven't made it into the ledger book yet, because the hand stitching still has to be added.

After free motion sewing on cheese cloth, I added it to an old textile and then...

added embroidery stitches and wondered if it could look any uglier. It looks a LOT better in the photo than in real life, which is unusual.

Free motion embroidery on paper. This is a mulberry paper, which is supposed to withstand this sort of torture. However, I think my sheet of paper is not truly mulberry, it is very soft and rips easily. These are circles and these....

are holes. Looks sort of painful for the paper and the sewer, doesn't it?

Here I've added hand stitching to the paper holes. My jaw was so clenched while doing this, I needed to go swimming afterwards to relax. For those of you who know me well, you know I much prefer a shower or bath, never a swimming pool. It was tense.

Luckily, Steve has been working away like the trooper he is and the bunkhouse is coming along beautifully. Bamboo flooring has been installed, which turned out to be cheaper and more durable and more recyclable than any other option, plus is looks great. We have a real bed, with real bedding. Oh! what a blessing.

The little nook is nearly completed. The view is lovely, even in the rain. The breeze is nearly always going, it is very nice to sleep there, even in the rain. Perhaps, especially in the rain, because nothing leaks. This month we will be working on the exterior cladding, and finishing a step. I love this place.

And the banjo music is a perfect touch.

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