Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Hoodwink # 17

What on earth is a Happy Hoodwink #17? On April 1st, 17 years ago, a little black volkswagon arrived just ahead of a snow storm so big that the ferry between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia was stuck in sea ice for a couple of days.

Steve, Phoebe, Lucas and I, plus our two orange cats, Wrassle and Bruno arrived packed into the Volkswagon Bug (it has a rag top) and we were desperately trying to arrive at our new home before the snow hit. We weren't sure if the realtor had turned on the heat and lights for us. It was also an Easter Monday and we weren't sure if stores would be open for groceries or not. Everyone was tense. The scotch bottle was shared around by the cats and adults. The kids had Easter chocolate to get zippy on.

We arrived, the house was warm and every April 1st since we have gathered for breakfast at a Greek restaurant for a celebratory breakfast. Today we talked about highlights from the past year and goals for the coming year. We no longer ask the question if the move to Halifax was a good idea. Everyone remains very happy to be here, everyone has a pretty darn good life here and so, Happy Hoodwink to us.

ps. Why Hoodwink? Because none of us could believe that such a good thing was happening to us and it had to be a huge joke. Thankfully, we were wrong.

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  1. happy memories.....I hope you had a lovely Easter x