Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vine Girls

 I was recently asked what I was working on and I said, "Vine Doll number 4." 
"What's that?"
"Have I never posted my Vine Girls before?"
It looks like I haven't done it on purpose. Here they are the dolls that inspired my work.

(the computer and I quarreled all afternoon, apologies for the inconsistent formatting)

The upper two dolls are made by Sherry Del Rizzio. I found them in a lovely book about dolls that I do not own. I can't give you the reference. The bottom two dolls have had the name of the creator clipped off after years of taping these to my bulletin board, the printing is all ripped off. They are not mine! But I love them.

Here are my three finished Vine Girls. I found a fun teapot on the side of the road after students had a mad moving weekend and I scooped it up. It is the girl's home for the time being.

This is the first of the dolls. The head is sewn on separately, while the legs and arms are all one piece. I don't put any faces on the girls, just the outline of where the face could go.So far, she's my favourite.

The next doll also hasn't any clearly defined legs and her head is sewn on separately. 

I love the circles on the back of her head, it looks so Bayeaux Tapestry, although that wasn't my intention.

I wanted to try gestural arms and legs next. I am a little unhappy with this poor doll's one arm. It torques the body around. In fact, she's rather badly misshapen. She and I had some difficulty negotiating her lady parts. It's a little frayed at the edges, but then so many of us are.

Doll number four is in progress. I trace out the pattern parts, embroider until I think I might go mad, cut out the parts, sew and stitch and then add more embroidery. Then stuff it and see if I like it.

This is the beginning of the back of the head.

If I like, it great. If not, she sits on my desk until I get the message she is trying to tell me and I attempt to fix it. This doll will be short, pudgy and have short arms and feet. No legs. No lady parts. I think I need a drink, five hours after I started this task.

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