Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer On-Line Camp - fun city

Hi All, I am going to take two classes from Carla Sonheim's Summer On-line Camp.

A sidewalk crack cat
Here is the link to excellent descriptions of what is available. Good prices, excellent instruction, lots of imaginative creations. Easy peasy because it is fun and silly and hardly anything can go wrong.

Except cats. Beware of what damage cats can do. The cat refused to pose for the camera, her dignity was wounded. Enough said.

I'm taking 'Blobimal' a one week course on how to make fun, crazy animals from blobs and paint. The other one I am taking is "Between Speech and Silence" with Diane Culhane. This one is about lines, shapes and colouring plus the spaces between them.

Take a look and have some fun.

I don't get anything for urging this, except maybe a funny animal drawing because I linked things up.

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