Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back to Work we go

I thought I'd be back here a week ago, but the entrophy of being away for a month was huge. From spiders in the basement the size of buffaloes to laundry piled as high as a totem pole. Then just when I thought I had it under control, I realized that under the dust was another layer of undone items.

Phew, the mushrooms are dehydrating (thanks Steve), the bees are buzzing like billy-oh (thanks Michelle),

the dining table is back from refinishing (oh my god thank you Phoebe, it is stunning) and my studio is back to normal. In the long run, it doesn't pay to pile chairs up with things to do later.

My exciting news is that i have been accepted into the Humber School of Creative Writing for 6-8 months! Yeah me! I'll go girl ! I am working with children's author Richard Scrimger who wrote 'A Nose For Adventure' in which a martian decides to live in Alan's nose. Written for middle school readers, it is pretty funny.

My book (as it were) 'Trixie Belle, Invincible Pirate' is an attempt at a humour also. Trixie fancies herself a modern day pirate and plans to get her own pirate ship. I have a finished document, but I bet it will change drastically over the coming months.

In the spirit of books, here are photos from some booklets I learned how to make while taking an on-line art class with Carla Soneheim.

booklet cover

page 1 & 2

page 1 & 2 & 3

The second booklet.....
booklet cover

page 1 & 2

page 1, 2 & 3
The images are scribbles and blobs that have eyes and legs added, then colour. The real part of the process is figuring out how to get images that cross over the fold lines of the pages and the cut edges of the pages. I'll show you more next posting.

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