Monday, September 23, 2013

Video of Bees

But first,

 The table Phoebe fixed. Doesn't it glow?

I just love walking past it now. No one is allowed to eat on it unless the entire thing is wrapped in three layers of saran wrap. Any one spills something and they have to RUSH to fix it. Some people get new cars, I get a newly fixed table after 30 years of looking at the old scratches. THANK YOU Phoebe!

Now for the Bee video. Nothing to worry about for the squeamish.
The slight noise you hear is indeed the bees buzzing. There is a bit of wind in the background. The little round hole above the main entrance is a second entrance. It is screened over to protect the hive from predators. The hive is still young enough that fighting predators is a challenge. The taped bit at the bottom is also to prevent predators and I think it has something to do with mite prevention as well. I tried to video the way these guys (gals) land but unless you see the flight path coming in from over the garage roof, you can't appreciate how fast they are landing. It's amazing there aren't all kinds of splat bodies on the side of the hive.

This is still a young colony, able to produce honey only for itself. It might stay with me next summer or move to a permanent location. Only the summer can tell. However, no honey sales will happen from my yard, or else I break a by-law or two.

Rachia had her birthday this weekend, so I can post her gift next Monday. And the 2 cords of wood we've been moving for four days. See you then

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