Monday, October 28, 2013

Photos and links

Some days, whatever thoughts I have just won't come out of the brain. They're in there, floating around sipping fizzy drinks and saying na-na-nana-na. Well, I'm going to win this battle with my brain by posting some studio images and giving you a couple of links to entertain you.

Above is a piece I started almost 10 years ago. I used to take a cross stitch along with me on summer holidays. It has been about 10 years since we've had a summer holiday that didn't involve camping. Cross stitch by camp light, falling needles in pine duff and little drips of hot chocolate are not a good combination. It languished. It still languishes, but now in the light of day.

This piece has been wandering around my table for a few months now. It would always come up to annoy me while I was working on Rachia's birthday piece. It is nearing the state of finished. I'm working on the outside edges while I try to find the elusive acrylic rods that I use as a mounting device.

 Bullion knots on one edge.

The linen shirt I bought at a Frenchy's, now completely embroidered where ever there was a rust stain. Sort of chiq hippy.

I have time now to get back to my new holes. Lots of tiny holes. I had an idea several months ago, I wonder what it was?

 Something to do with holes, obviously.

The Links:
I have been watching these several blogs for a few weeks or more and think they are worthwhile if you like gardening, food, thinking or are interested in a few personal challenges.

Chiots Run has several features. There is a pod cast about their garden, frugal living, social consciousness at a personal level, easy cooking and a few other bits and bobs. I have listened to a few of their podcasts. Can't say that I am stunned by them, but they do contain some good tips on many things. I learned about cover crops at a small garden level, and about two books that might make a good winter read. I should write a sticky note to myself to review those books  here.

I get a real kick out of this spot. There are several You Tube programs. You can subscribe so that whenever there is a new program posted, you will be notified by email. I like Sean's Allotment. He is a knowledgeable gardener but a hacker. Like me. Sometimes he gets around to weeding, sometimes he doesn't. He reads the packages and leaves them lying around. For the neaty kind of gardener, he'll drive you nuts. But what can be fun is listening to him and imagining cleaning up his allotment garden without having to actually do it.

Titly's Busy Garden is another program. She is a laugh. She is an unreconstructed gardener. If something will destroy the planet but kill the slugs, she uses it. "Talk to the Titli Hand" she says. She can wax philosophical at times.

There are a couple of other programs, but these are my favourites. 

Root Simple is a blog I've been reading for a year or more. It is written by a husband and wife team, he about the garden and technology, she about the garden, bees, food and books. It is a nice balance. Don't go there is you feel challenged by other people's life styles. They promote things like cities with bike lanes and water harvesting. I find myself at this site longer than all others because he often provides links that lead to links that lead to......

And that's it! I hope to get these three links up on the side bar. In the meantime, have a browse and don't forget to visit Hot Flash Woman. She has just met a new and exciting character, Picnic Girl.

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