Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I'm struggling with 'plot'. The story I am writing for my creative writing course has a pallid plot. It's hard to imagine that I can't come up with a swashbuckling plot, but I can't. I want my character, Trixie Belle, who is ten years old, to not be embroiled in a disease, a death, a nasty family split up, abuse, bullying or pugilism. (one of the novels that's just real hip to read has a dwarf and a boxing club in it). What is left to write a plot about. I want to write about imagination and adventure and those don't necessarily have a beginning, middle and an ending. In my own imagination, I'm usually in the middle of something exciting or dangerous and then I'm on to the next one. I am realizing that I have rarely tied everything up neatly in my own head. Trying to do this for Trixie Belle, Invincible Pirate is painful. 
My mom sent me these two lovely cotton edgings for my studio work. If I have the story right, they are the trim used by an Aunt (Tante) for her son's layette set. Thank you Tante Riekie.

Below is a cross stitch that Phoebe worked on when she was a teenager. It is meant to be mirrored, but i agree, enough is enough. The background has to be filled in. It is a cool grey and pretty boring work. Just right for a travel project that requires no thinking. I now need a journey to take it on to finish it for her.

Knitted hexagons continue to grow on the pin board. I have two on the go, a multi-coloured one and a range of greys. I'm pretty happy with how the coloured one is coming along, but

this photo will only stay centered if I add a caption. Weird.
this grey one is a bit plot-less also. I plan to add some deep red or orange into it in small touches. Do I continue knitting this grey group and  hope the addition of red/orange perks it up, or forget it and turn it into a pot holder?


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