Monday, December 2, 2013

Ta Dah!

I did it! Nothing too exciting, but I managed to trace out a pattern off this silk jacket loaned to me by a friend, ($1.00 to make pattern)

cut out the pieces you have already seen, then sew them together for the red fabric, sew the browny fabric together,

sew the two fabrics together, (twice because I wasn't positive how to make a reversible jacket and my first guess was wrong),

and get this, ($20.00 for fabric)

and then this,

 the back of this, ($free fabric, it was a gift)

and finally, the front of this.

About 4 hours of time over a couple of days while waiting for things. Assume minimum sweat labour wage of $8.00 Total investment $43.00. Assume 30% savings on carbon footprint by making it myself. Who knows what I would pay for it in a store, but these are two high end textiles. Let's assume $60.00. My Total cost $30.10.Who said I'm not brilliant?

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