Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Done and nearly done and started

Done, done and done. I have completed this little lassy, including the way to hang it.

I was stalled on the method for hanging it. I couldn't resolve one corner until I decided if I was going to use a rod or not. I like using clear acrylic rods to hang the work, the rods take on the colour of the wall they are on and disappear from sight. I haven't been able to find any clear rod for two years now and have used up my scraps. I was looking at Margie Hennen's beautiful dolls at a recent gathering of my textile friends and she uses a button hole stitched loop on the back of the dolls. A loop, a ring, a looped ring - A HA.

Here are some details

 Steve and I were away for a terrific weekend at a friend's cottage. We've been lucky enough to get away for a weekend in January for two years now. Last year, I worked on a quilt for my Mom.

 And here it is, a year later.

The central portion is two thirds hand quilted. I hope to have it all ready to go by Mom's birthday in March.
And here are two things I have started recently. Another white on white embroidery,

and character developments for a princess and the princess as she looks when she is a frog. These are studies.I hope you can tell them apart. They are all drawn with my left hand, which means a whole of forgiveness is automatically built in. I'll show you the final decisions later. This is part of "the Year of the Fairy Tale" with Carla Sonheim. See the button in the left margin.

Now, I'm off to bloody my fingers some more by quilting.

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