Monday, February 24, 2014

Deadline 5 or 6 way crash, I ate one of them.

Humber Creative Writing Course, The Year of the Fairy, and Mom's Quilt, Amazing Donuts, Pincushions and Simply Stitch . All of these have had deadlines of one sort or another, Now! Poor Hot Flash Woman has been languishing in the land of nowhere for several months now. I'm hoping she revives in the Spring.

Today, I am concentrating on.....

The Humber Creative Writing Course. I have submitted over 100 pages for commentary from Richard Scrimger, children's author. I managed to get to the final chapters, but there are billions of revisions and additions needed for page one to over one hundred. This pile of paper needs going through and thinking about. There is one month left. Hurry, hurry.

The Year of the Fairy Tale began in January. The gang has moved onto Fairy Tale Two, I am still working my way through One.Here is a left handed frog from a photo. Maybe I have shown it, I am a bit fuzzy on that.

Here's a close up of Mom's quilt, interior blocks. The inside is all stitched. Two sides of the inner borders are done, I'm turning the corner today to tackle a third side. 

Crazy delicious donuts from Ottawa's up and coming donut-eria "Sandy's Sweets". We were in Ottawa for a week and my computer was low man on the totem pole. Everything that could go wrong did, but since I was on 'vacation' and the others were working (as in getting paid), there wasn't time for me to get a major report and some statistics done.While I waited, I helped the cat eat these amazing donuts.

While eating donuts with our friends at breakfast, we talked about the trip to France that isn't going to happen this spring, but instead we talked about Turkey. The kind you go to. Looks like Steve and I are booked to go to Turkey in the late spring with a tour group from Carlton University. We are very excited. Yesterday, I asked Steve which piece of his wardrobe will be the pivot point of his packing. Joking really, but he  needs to buy some summer cotton shirts with long sleeves.  There is rarely strong enough sun here for Steve to worry about it, but in Turkey, he will fry. Apparently, men don't think this way. They think, open the suitcase, through things in. Maybe they think, do I have enough underpants. And my razor. End of thinking.

Whereas I am already staring at shoes, trying to figure out which shoes will get me the farthest, both in terms of miles walking and fashion vanity. And what about sunglasses. I don't mean to sound trite, but occasionally these things consume me, until I succumb and buy something. Hopefully on sale. Hopefully a book to read.

I sewed two pincushions for Good Will Seeds Co. out in B.C. One might be a give away. These were fun and good to do between other deadlines. Soothing.

Simply Stitch 4 with Karen Ruane starts today and I'm not ready. I kept trying to think what to do in this course. I haven't even had time and see the intro video, where I suspect, that exact question will be addressed. This is fabric from a piece I did ages ago, 'Detoor', that had several oranges in it. It is mostly transparent and that is what I'd like to concentrate on, how to stitch transparently.

Now, if this bloody internet, which has had it in for me for the entire month, will cooperate, I can post this blog and eat lunch.


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  2. The pin cushions are beside me right now. I'm almost ready to send one off into give away land to spread the joy. Going to Turkey, you lucky girl. My better half just throws pretty much everything he owns into the suitcase, another way of not having to think about it.