Monday, March 31, 2014

Major Computer Crash....ooowwwww!

 Well fans, friends and family, it has been a rough few weeks. No computer, nada. Thanks to several men in the family and at a computer store, it is solved. I have never bought a car but it sure felt like the typical scenario in which the cute little woman with no brains had to wait for the long list of heroes to rescue her. And they did. Eventually.

I'm grateful for the outcome but what a process! I don't feel any more empowered if it should happen again. Oh yes, what happened?

I had a sniff of scotch waiting for me to sip, sitting on the top of a closed computer. It was a bad day. A very bad day. And I needed chocolate to go with that scotch. I sat down. The whole thing upended. I grabbed the computer and whipped off the spilled drink, lifted the lid and there was only a small trickle of moisture headed to the return button. Mopped that up and spent the next 7 days with a ruined keyboard. We wired up an alternate keyboard and speaker and who knows what all else. It was like the insides of a telephone (in the old days when they used wires instead of chips) had exploded.

Then complete crash, the repair attempts and finally today, when most of it has been restored. I am missing my email address book. Consider sending me your email address for your reminder nudges that I still write on this blog. Those addresses are entirely lost to me. I just realized that. Let's take a moment to sob.

In the meantime, I tried not to scream. Daily.

I have just now discovered that this program doesn't seem to want to upload images from my photo stash, so in the interests of communications, I will post this, go solve the problem and post something once I've figured out what the hell now.

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