Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Resuming Normal Function

Let's see if these photos work? It has been one heck of a learning curve week, with a new software program for two things I do regularly. Shucks, I have a brain. Just not a nimble one any more. I have finally (after Steve did an ether kick to the program) figured out how to upload images and import them over here to blogger. I don't think they will be all pretty and lined up neatly.

While the computer was doing it's nasty sabbatoge to my life, I did accomplish a few neat things. I had purchased this pattern from Deer and Doe (here) when we were in Ottawa. I wanted a pattern with a few options that would work with a variety of fabrics. Since it is still so hard to find locally made or Canadian made clothing, I have decided to try and sew parts of my wardrobe every season. Beyond knitting my own socks and sewing pajamas, this is a big challenge for me. I gave up sewing for myself many years ago, after a few stunning disasters. Sewing for young kids is easy, they don't tend to complain until nearly ten years of age.

I am at the largest size for this pattern and it  is just forgiving enough. No laughing when wearing this shirt.

The sleeveless version doesn't have any armhole facings, I decided to use some old fashioned seam lace to cover the raw edges.  The fabric for both these shirts was also bought in Ottawa, I'll have to track down the receipts to re-discover the store location.

The version with three quarter sleeves seems huge. I added a touch of fabric at the side, so I could laugh out loud. It fits nicely and I think it will be cool to wear. I will sew up the version with collar and sleeves in a light wool kind of fabric for winter. Keep an eye out, but not till September.

You may recall I have signed up for Carla Sonheim's "Year of the Fairy" painting course. See the button over on the sidebar to link to it, if you wish. This month we are putting our energies into interpreting the Princess and the Pea. Pretty short plot. Princess shows up, Prince falls in love, jealous mother plants a pea under 20 beds to see if Princess is a true Princess, Princess sleeps, they can fall in love. (Would you? I mean, what kind of a future marriage would that be, insane mother in law sticking things in your bed, son who can't make up his own mind without mom's insane plots and who has to eat those peas after sleeping on them. Get another man, honey)

After figuring out in advance how we want the layout of the page to look like, we had to draw it in a scribbly fashion with crayons.

Then we smeared various colours of acrylic paint all over the page. I didn't have crayons, I used a magic marker. Crayons would act as a wax resist, the acrylic wouldn't lay over it well and your images would shine through. I could see my original images, but they showed up better after the next step.

We went back over the page with Gesso, to blank out what we didn't want to see too much off, added in some lines, added in some specific colours to draw the images back out, added line work details and then, called it done. I think there is still some work to do here, but I'm surprised at how much I like this.

I finished this piece front and back and it is ready to give away to a special person. I am very happy with it. It won't stay wrinkle free in the transporting, but I can do a quick damp press when no one is looking.

I'm off to figure out how to get the touch pad on this lap top to be less sensitive. The cat walked over the computer this morning and then entire thing froze. I had to find the manual to figure out how to take out the battery (after phoning my daughter who told me what to do) but part of the problem was/is that my glasses have been lost and I can't read anything too small. So, I am really off to the eye doctors to get  a new prescription, then to get new glasses, then I will figure out the touch pad issue. It is pouring rain here and that usually means it is nearly spring here. Happy puddles to you.

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