Monday, May 26, 2014

Colour is a coming in

I don't know if it is my new glasses seeing the screen more clearly or if the font size has grown and darkened. It looks weird even though I've checked it out.
These are the last two of my copying compositions from DekaArt (see earlier post for link). It's pretty hard to mess up a bunch of 'U' shapes with leaves and being Dutch, I thought a tulip or two was appropriate appropriation. I'm pleased with this one because it is the first time the colours turned up where I wanted them and I like the saturation.
I believe this is also a DekaArt composition. I like the colours better. I ruined my pens here, they didn't like going over the acrylic/gesso combinations. I have these two pinned up on my design wall to let me know that one day I will be able to figure out my own compositions along with colours.

The last three weeks, I have been taking "Sumptuous Embroidery" online course with Sharon Boggin. I won't link to that site because this is the last online course she is offering. We are learning how to make a flat ground, a slightly raised ground and eventually, a really textured ground. I am behind in the course. We have moved on from the monochromatic study to the fully coloured one. Today I will sit and finish foxy (she is my own design for a change) and get those french knots and bullion knots layered all over the place. Then, perfume bottles need to be drawn and a composition format figured out and all the threads chosen. I love tossing my threads all around until the right combination comes up.

It has taken me ages to clear the debris from the chair. Ironing boards, coffee tables and looms are all terrific places to sit things on, until you can't see them any longer. Then it is hard to use them for their specific task. But the chair and ottoman are clear, the Ott light is plugged in and I have a nice documentary to watch while stitching.

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