Monday, November 10, 2014

I know it's Autumn because...

there are lots of leaves on the sidewalks to scuff through. Did you do that as a kid? Take a run at a drift of leaves and scatter them everywhere, getting leaf duff into your shoes and onto your socks? I love doing this. Yes, at 54, I look a little mad scuffing at full tilt through the leaves, but a woman has to do what a woman has to do. Or more correctly, I have to do this before some kid gets there ahead of me and wrecks the drift.

I generally hate it when a long distance call comes in and we talk about the weather on different sides of the country, but .... it is sunny outside. I think this might be the first sunny day in nearly three weeks. I plan to head out shortly and scuff through some more leaves in the cematary. Lots of leaves untouched there. That's where we get our chestnuts every October. We collect about 30 conkers and exchange the old ones in our coat pockets for fresh ones. Great for rubbing on when stressed. We put the remainder in a very nice raku bowl on the front hall dresser to remind us of the passing of the seasons.

The camera in on a short vacation, powering up. I'll try to get photos in here by the end of the day, but I don't want to be late posting for those of you who visit early.

A completely new project has begun in Karen Ruane's latest class, "Doodle, gather, create" (see that side button to get to her blog).

"Fifties Furnishing Fabrics" has been the source of inspiration for this project.

This is the 3rd page in a group of three. Green ink and Pentone markers. The really tiny dots are embroidery thread in french knots.

So far, so fun. Embroidering button hole lace inside the curve of a circle was a bit of a challenge until I finally figured out how to organize my hands.

The circles are cut out of the 2nd page and lie over the 3rd page so that bits peak out.

This is before any stitching has taken place, so you can see the general layout. Somewhere in the house I have mulberry paper that I need to find so I can hand sew on it today.

And I've added white puffy bits to the giant handkerchief. A bit hard to see here. Sorry. This project has been fun to work on, but it needs to be finished. A few more puffs and the last corner. I'll keep you posted. It's a short post today, leaves to scuff, sun to walk in, puffs to make. Also wrestling blogger into submission. I hate the light blue text that is currently on the site. I bet you aren't finding it fun either. Amendments will come forsooth.

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  1. oh yes, always loved walking through the leaves, although there weren't that many having grown up in an area of Brooklyn, NY where there weren't that many trees on the streets. now i walk through the leaves looking for the prettiest ones to pick for cloth dyeing.