Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday cafuffle

It is 9:00 pm Tuesday night and I just realized I've forgotten to blog today. I've had a crazy day. Tuesdays are supposed to slow and sedate and perfect for writing. Right.

Fabric given to me by a good friend, bought in Thailand. It is over two metres long. The colours read poorly here. It is a very deep purple and a coral flower.
I had to be at the Doctor's by 10 am and with the roads around here, that means getting going at least 30 minutes sooner than usual. After the Doctor's I went to the Superstore where they sell ladies clothing. An intense search for yoga pants that don't behave like a vacuum and show my lady parts ensued. I found a pair on a sale rack and they even fit decently. A black sleeveless t-shirt for summer and an end of season navy blue long sleeve shirt, all for under $30. I was hoping for a pair of simple neutral summer pants for our trip to England. I don't want to worry about skirts and sandals. Just pants. No luck on that idea.

This is a cotton/linen combination I bought last summer, hoping to make slacks but I haven't found a pattern I like yet.
The store is just seconds away from FabricVille. I needed needles for the sewing machine. Found those, found a twin needle for a gift for a friend, found some very thin needles for sheer fabrics, found buttons for Steve's new shirt, buttons for a shirt dress that is next in line, and then, I wandered around. I found too much. Looks like my decision to spend more time writing has just morphed into more time sewing summer clothes.

Three slippery rayon silk fabrics to make into summer shirts. The one at the back is a light peppermint yellow/green with a black circle dot. the pink is really a coral.
Some whistling came from behind the Georgette. I wondered who was whistling so persistently but chose to ignore the rude person. It was Cheryl. We yacked our heads off in the shop then she offered me a ride home and declared a sewing competition. We now have to send pictures of the day's sewing progress to each other. We will discuss the prize next time.

 A light weight cotton. It's a bit too see through so I am also making an old fashioned slip.
Upon coming into the house, I realized a day's chores were ahead of me, as well as two loads of laundry. I went into the studio and ignored it all. There were two videos to watch for the class I am taking in England in April. I had to watch those and get all the fabric out. I wonder what the total yardage of all the fabrics pulled off shelves and in the bags equals today? Probably about 10. The air began to smell lovely. I realized Steve had started cooking dinner and I hadn't washed the dishes yet. I was good and did those, sneaking back to the studio between loads of dishes. The only thing stopping me from heading back in there now is that the light bulb on the overhead light is dead.

A lovely selection of old hankies and trims to turn into a project to take with me to England in a few weeks.
Lucas walked in to join us for dinner, we had a great conversation, Cheryl walked in because I was late for standing at the door to be picked up for yoga class. Yoga class and lots of head below the knees happened. Good stretching, but big headache. Home, farewell to Lucas, begging for tea, writing this and just realizing the photos will have to be uploaded tomorrow.

Seesh, the camera doesn't like my fabrics today. This is a clear white, with a white floral embroidered on top.

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