Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Anti-histomine + Tylenol = snore... Head jerks up, must write blog...snooze, jerk, repeat.
This little patch hanging is now finished. I added a bit of blue to the upper left and lower right corners to balance things out. I am going to try steaming it to get the last wrinkles out.
Backed the London #1 piece with Broderie Anglaise. Karen (see sidebar for link) talks a lot this session about Broderie Anglaise, I guess it is in the air.
This little bit reminds me of old fashioned curtains or aprons. The two are joined only at the top, so the stitching is free from the background. It can flutter in a breeze.
Stitching Broderie Anglaise motifs. Karen shows us a neat trick to get the motifs from one fabric transferred to another, how to mix and match motifs to create an unique cloth. This is a frail serviette, the size used at tea time. There were a few tiny holes in it.
Disaster (sort of) moment. The original small hole was smaller than the little hole you see stitched behind. The hole just kept growing with every pull on the embroidery thread, so I decided instead of making a small hole, I'd make a cut-work motif. The lower spot kept degrading, I tried sewing a white snippet behind the cut work as a stabilizer. It worked, but then as I was cutting the excess away from the back, I cut through both the front and back. An even bigger hole. Stay tuned to see how I fixed it. Back to snoozing.

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