Thursday, July 9, 2015

I have been so lazy and I'm not sorry

I have a camera full of images to share, I've been to a local urban farm/allotment garden last week, I have been sewing my little fingers off, been to the camp, attended all my scheduled gym work outs and managed to hold the plank position for 60 and 50 and 40 seconds and snored in front of the computer whenever it was time to post a blog.

This is the only normal human being doing a plank from google images. I could go on a rank-rant about how fitness images only show the perfect bodies, but we all know that, we hate the magazines with women's clothes for the same reason.

I am more inspired by this lovely lady. Maybe one day I can do this.
Anyways, bodies aside, I have been having a good summer. The garden looks stunning this year. So good in fact, that I go out and enjoy it instead of photographing it. Must correct priorities.....nah.

The sewing is coming along and I'm pretty excited about this piece.
In a class with Karen Ruane, I made a shirt placket sample as an experiment. This is the part of the shirt that buttons at the cuff. I've added pin tuck stitching on the side, two lace collars, a hanky bit on the edge and there's more around the back. The piece is 3" square at the base and 9" tall and it tips over right now.

A small pleated patch.

I don't know what this is called. You make tubes and then fold the round ends back to see the inside fabric. A lot of work for not a lot of impact, I think.
The base.

The top detail of the placket with pin tucks and french knots beside.
Darn toot'n pretty.

When I saw this photograph, I realized I have a reason to be proud.
So on that blissfully self congratulatory note, I will head me hither to the scotch bottle and a bisquit and a nap. Next week I will show the urban farm we have here in Halifax. It's very cool.

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