Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A little thing called seam allowance

I've been on a kick to try and sew as many items for the family as I can. The idea is to support local fabric shops, independent pattern makers and slow down the consumption of clothing. We are perhaps part of that small group of people that hate shopping and wear things out until there is little life left in them. But I am vain and like things to look fresh and Steve works and needs a professional/professorial wardrobe. This is good, because neither of us has to try too hard to look nice.
I started with making pjs for everyone years ago, but the kids don't like them now. I've made aprons, shirts for Steve and Lucas, a few things for myself, and I knit socks. I've been using as many independent designers as I can. I guess it's time to make a heading for those in the gadget to the left.
Simple Modern Sewing, 8 basic patterns to create 25 Favorite Garments by Shufu To Seikatsu Sha has a nice design style. I traced out 3 patterns from her book, making sure to trace the largest size possible. I measured, I measured and retraced to make sure all the lines were square and straight. I cut the fabric. I was positive that seam allowances were included. You can see where this is headed.The fabric came from a friend who's hubby like to buy her fabric when he is in Thailand. I have been waiting years for the right pattern to come along.
Some garments have no hanger appeal. A wooden button has been attached above the left hip instead of ties.

I have made a lovely wrap around top for someone else. Not me. Nope, my upper diameter is just too large and no, the seam allowances weren't included. Luckily, this fits Phoebe and I will mail it to her shortly. I have since traced this pattern again, added diameter, opened up the armhole and redrawn the sleeve entirely. I don't know how anyone could fit an arm into this shirt. It was much to much tiny. In the end, I ran out of fabric and had to adjust to short sleeves. Truly, this was a disappointment and I hesitate to invest more time in the other two patterns I traced. Likely, these would work for the smaller breasted woman, as in none.
Alex is holding the button spot closed. The wrap shirt is meant to be worn over a long shirt tee, or undershirt.
My good friend Alex is today's model.
The back is supper cute. I pleated it instead of gathering it, making a more flattering presentation of one's behind.
I am so sad this didn't work out, I was really looking forward to wearing this style of top and the fabric. I even have purple socks that match. Well, I was not to be daunted. I have since cut out another shirt for Steve and pj's for myself. Then the sewing machine's zigzag stitch died. Sigh. Tomorrow we are heading out to drop the machine at the repair shop, borrow a friend's machine to tide me over and look at snow blowers. The only thing sewing machines and snow blowers have in common are the maintenance demands, the long extension cords and their noisiness when running.

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