Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Stitching a lot

Karen's course is off to a flying start. Three weeks so far and over 20 videos. She is making lovely embroidered pockets out of vintage hankies as well as her famous pin pillows. Preparing for a teaching stint in France, she is also working on lace free-motion embroidery samplers for her students to work on.
Just before Christmas I found this pretty hanky in a newly opened second hand shop.
Using my sewing machine for anything other than sewing clothes or curtains hasn't been a favourite thing of mine to do, but one afternoon I made some lace myself.
I have since added it to the hanky. I've moved it around a lot since this photo and removed the lace bit behind, so that the flower's colours show better.
Titivation begins.
 Eventually, the piece will be added to with other lace type cloths, and folded or manipulated into a pocket or 3 dimensional shape.

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