Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Some Photography progress

With my new lights installed, it is time to figure out how to make the photography corner work for me. At the moment we are figuring out how the back of the door can be used best. Currently white and a bit scuffed up with holes from hooks, there is still some flash back. And I figured out that the camera sits a bit too far back from the item.
The telephoto lense is a bit insensitive. It is here or suddenly it is there. We figured the camera could go on a tripod behind the lights, which are positioned to give as little glare as possible, but close ups are difficult at the moment.
I stepped in front of the lights and tried to block out an even shadow, but as you can see, the upper right has glare. Slightly romantic, but pah!

I tried it again in the next two shots, still getting glare and now the upper image is unfocused, despite using a macro feature. 

The Vine Girls are not well photographed and I have since given the tea pot an earthy necklace and doily to sit upon. This set up is below the even level of the lights and the dolls and table are too tall for the frame.

I like this close up. I am a little below the lights and using the telephoto lens.
This close up is also nice. I managed to get the hinges of the door out of sight.
The Vine Girls family photo is not too bad. I haven't done anything yet about learning about white balance. I want to figure out the close up thing first.
She's looking pretty perky compared to the others.The Vine Girls are for sale, but I have to figure out how to sell things. Before I can sell things. I have to figure out how to get them somewhere people will notice them. But first the photography.

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