Monday, March 20, 2017

Not a Selfie

The kids frequently make snide remarks about people who take pictures of themselves in bathroom mirrors. My take away from this is that a person can use a mirror to take a picture of themselves. My sister made me a lovely hat using a double strand of Koigu sock yarn. It is a beautiful shade of gold and the pattern is a honey comb. It is all meant to celebrate the bees in the back yard. I love it, it is just the right weight for cool weather and it comes down the back of my neck. It doesn't slip up past my ears. It is a grand hat. So, I tried to take a selfie of it to share with her. This is what ensued.

I don't think the video works, but it was lousey and only two seconds long. I didn't mean to take a video, it was part of the mystery of how to take a selfie.

Steve took the last two. They are not selfies, they demonstrate a small village helping the village fool.

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