Monday, March 6, 2017

The sun shine-eth

I am lounging on the couch, the cat is squished between the back of the couch and the window. I can see her ears going back and forth as she improves the grooming of her shoulder, yet again. I can't believe how lovely it is right now. Outside, the temperature is around minus 13. I headed out for groceries before going to the gym and was caught in a wind tunnel by the lights. Holy smokes!

This pattern has kept me busy the past few weeks. Sew House Seven presents The Toaster Sweater.

I used a gold crepe for this version. I halved the height of the collar and added two inches to the length. And as usual, had to mess around with the length of the sleeves. Does anyone really have arms as long as pattern makers seem to think they are? I took off at least 6 inches of length.

Crepe fabric allows for the topstitching to show up as a nice detail, unlike most knits. I find topstitching on knits goes wonky and the fabric pulls.

I used the same pattern for this top. I loved the fabric on the bolt, but am not sure now. It's a little spotty. I've lengthened the torso area even more and made a light adjustment at the collar for a flatter fit. Still, it was super easy.

The same pattern envelope has this (below) version as well. I made it in a beautiful white interlock for Phoebe.while I was visiting in Ottawa. I forgot to take a picture.

Man, I take terrible pictures these days. This is my version of looking relaxed. Didn't work. Anyways, this top is even easier. There are three pattern pieces (front, back and sleeve). The collar is self facing, It is basically one big seam.

I love the neckline on this one. I have seen versions of this that are longer and worn with a belt. My belt days are long over, but I could see it on someone with a waist.

That little sewing binge is over. Back to studio work and some writing of poems.

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