Monday, June 19, 2017

Iceland - Yeah!

The family went to Iceland for a week.

We had such a great time. No body slept well, it was full light for 16 hours a day and when it was dark, it was light. We were continually shocked by the prices of everything. Eventually, we had to decide to ignore the prices and just go for it. The chances of us all going back again are close to zero, so...what the @#@#. Just go for it.

We started at Geyser, an active geyser that spouts about every 15 minutes.

The first one took us by surprise. As Lucas said, "The earth just blew up at our feet". 
There were signs all over warning people not to touch the water. Phoebe and I just couldn't stop ourselves.

Some was hot, some wasn't.

From here we traveled to Gullfosa (water falls). Oh. MY GOD.

I thought I had seen some amazing places before, but these waterfalls were so incredibly shaped. They came down in several ledges. The speed of the water was crazy. There was a near permanent rainbow.  Niagara Falls should feel embarrassed.

Then, it all just dropped out of sight. Down a 90 degree precipice. For several hundred feet. Boom. The river continued on between two steep gorge walls.

I admit the walls were nothing like the Grand Canyon, but the waterfall just blew that thought away. We were all so excited and impressed, we just spun around taking pictures. It was a collective "Holy Cow! family moment. We didn't want to leave but rain was coming down and spray from the falls meant the cameras were at risk. What did we do next? We hit the road and went back to the apartment. We managed to find a small convenience store and get enough ingredients to pull a diner together and we all collapsed in bed. No one slept. Time change? Lightness? Awe? It didn't matter, we were all eager for the next day's adventure.

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