Monday, June 5, 2017

Studio Work and Gifts

The course with Karen's Artistic Books comes to an end. I managed to watch all the videos and worked on my little sample booklet.

This was a great course and is probably available on line as a self-study class. Check the link in the sidebar.

I knew a lot of the techniques but hadn't transferred the knowledge to small pieces of paper. Here are a few images from the past weeks.

Steve brought home some lovely flowers to celebrate my winning the Joyce Barkhouse Prize for Childrens and Young Adult writing. Very local.

I bought myself some threads to play with over the summer for my Squish series.

On Monday past (that's why I didn't post anything) I was away at an overnight retreat with fellow textile artists from around the province. Note that there is a certain generation represented. We haven't connected with the younger artists, but maybe it's OK. Gives us old gals a chance to gab, catch up and exchange info without a succession agenda or an agenda or any kind. Beyond wine at 5, there is little planned. We do a show and tell and work on projects.

 I tried to do another selfie. Good thing the view behind me is nice.

And, I was able to not only finish the section of the garden that started out as a thyme bed, but died, then returned as a bee station,


the bees returned. These are two Nucs which will be sold on to new bee keepers and in July, hopefully, a large hive will take their place. Stingers crossed.

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